Monday, 28 May 2012

Swanning around!

Media launch for the Swans of Wells will be happening today, Monday 28th May, outside Wells Cathedral. Our swan is titled "I dreamed of flying" by Tessa Farlow. See some of our fab pictures below.

nearly complete swan for swans of wells
Almost ready to fly
close up of a boy rowing a flying swan boat on the swan of wells
Boats can fly, close up of the swan
A close up image of a girl and ted riding on a swan, image part of the swan sculture
Girl riding Swan, close up image

Sunday, 20 May 2012

5ft Swan has landed!

Willowandme have brought a 5ft swan!...of the sculpture variety, I hasten to add. We are sponsoring one of the 60 swans of Wells, a project in Somerset celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee.

Paint brushes ready?... thankfully not!! (My old art teacher may be horrified at the thought). We have found an artist to paint our swan.We are very lucky to have Artist Tessa Farlow on board, who works from her lovely studio in the City of Bath. She is producing our child's dream themed swan.

All the swan works of art will be displayed between June and September this year around the City of Wells.

Work in progress of a swan for the Wells diamond jubilee public arts project. Artist Tessa Farlow is decorating our swan with a child's dream theme.
Willowandme swan in progress