Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Choosing a Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby sleeping bags are a popular choice for many parents,  a perfect alternative to blankets.

The tog rating you use with your child is dependent on your nursery room temperature. The ideal room temperature has been suggested to be between 16-20 degrees celsius.

If your nursery is warmer or colder than this, then you simply need to make adjustments on what they wear in their baby sleeping bag, depending on the tog rating you use. Simple short sleeved cotton baby body suits with poppers at the crotch, or long sleeved all in one cotton bodysuits or pyjamas. A baby vest covered with an all in one cotton bodysuit is suitable if your baby or the room is cool.

In summer or hot winter sun holidays, it is best to use a lower tog rating, a 1.5 tog, 1.0 tog or 0.5 tog. Remember to adjust what they wear inside their sleeping bag to how hot it is. The lower togs can also be more suited to children who suffer from hot itchy skin.

During the majority of the year, a 2.5 Tog is suitable for our UK weather. You will soon get to know how comfortable your own baby is by checking how warm they are by placing your hand on their chest. All babies hands get cold so this is not an appropriate indicator of their body warmth.

All our baby sleeping bags from Ella & Otto, are all 2.5 Tog rated.
Ella & Otto were shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards 2012 and were a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Award finalist 2011/2011. 
Posey Baby Sleeping Bag

Beep Beep Baby Sleeping Bag

Our 1.5 Tog Sleeping Bags are from the lovely Olli Ella. They use 100% soft organic cotton, feature snap enclosures on the shoulders with a zip at the bottom and are handmade in England.

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