Sunday, 18 November 2012

Guide to baby swaddling

1. Open out your baby swaddle and lay the swaddle down on the floor in a diamond shape. Bring the top corner down to form a triangle. Lay baby in the center of the triangle with head above fold but shoulders need to be within the fold.

Picture shows swaddle opend out in diamond shape and folded into a triangle with baby placed on top.

2.  Your baby's right arm needs to be slightly bent at the elbow and must be flat against their body.

Take left handside of the baby swaddle and bring across baby's chest - ensuring arm is secure within swaddle.
Tuck edge underneath baby's body.

Left hand side of swaddle is folded over.
3. Fold bottom of baby swaddle up towards baby.

bottom of baby swaddle is brought up towards baby.
4. Take baby's left arm - slightly bent at elbow and place against their body. Take your right handside of the swaddle and bring across baby's chest.

Ensure excess fabric of the swaddle is tucked underneath your baby.

Right hand side of swaddle has been folded over.

Remember not to swaddle too tightly, your baby needs to feel secure but also comfortable.

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