Monday, 14 January 2013

Stylish French Girl's and Boy's Bedding

Loco Boy's Bedding. Shown in a child's bedroom.
Loco Boy's Bedding

Create a beautiful stylish children's bedroom with our girl's bedding and boy's bedding from the delightful 'Fred the Dog'.

From Paris mum, Catherine Darmon, comes this beautiful bedding with the use of bold graphics and fun child inspired designs.

She pushed tradition aside when it came to colour and selected colour combinations to suit your child's mood, from the bright and cheerful Loco boy's bedding to the more elegant soft greys and pinks used for the Kingyo girl's bedding.

Kingyo Girl's Bedding. Shown in close
Kingyo Girl's Bedding

To ensure that sleep is peaceful all the Fred the Dog girls bedding and boys bedding is made from 100% percale cotton, using the thinnest and strongest of threads to create a beautiful quality bed linen and a perfect nest for them to sleep in.

Chantier Boy's Bedding. Shown in close up.
Chantier Boy's Bedding

 This gorgeous bedding comes with a stylish square
 pillowcase, each with a matching design.

 Catherine, being a mum of two herself, also knows the
 importance of bedding that will wear well and is made to
 last which is why the Fred the Dog bedding has so many

Papillon Girl's Bedding. Shown in a girl's bedroom.
 Papillon Girl's Bedding

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