Thursday, 28 February 2013

COMING SOON - Union Jack and Jill Bedding

Union Jack and Jill Red Plane Cotbed/Junior Duvet Cover. Shown on a bed.
Union Jack and Jill Red Plane Junior Duvet Cover
We are looking forward to getting our new Union Jack and Jill Children's Bedding and Nursery Bedding. Beautiful contemporary designs in lovely modern colour choices, all made in the UK. Perfect for gorgeous homes and cool kids!!

Union Jack and Jill Pink Butterfly Bumper. Shown in close up.
Union Jack and Jill Pink Butterfly Bumper

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Feature - Aden + Anais

Swaddling your baby is a lovely way to soothe and calm them. It recreates the security of a mother's womb.
Aden and Anais swaddles are made from 100% fine, soft cotton muslin. All our Aden + Anais   swaddles are 47"x47". The large size of these swaddles makes them ideal for swaddling. The lightweight open weave also makes them wonderfully breathable. 

The use of cotton muslin makes a perfect swaddling fabric. It's lightweight, durable weave makes the fabric stretchy, ensuring that baby is not overly restricted. The muslin also allows air to circulate around the body. 

We stock various size packs, from single swaddles right up to the 4-pack. Most of our Aden and Anais swaddles  come in a presentation box, making them ideal as gifts for a mother-to-be. Our single organic swaddles come in their own pretty stylish drawstring bag.

Aden + Anais Single Bloom Organic Swaddle. Shown in close up.
Aden + Anais Single Bloom Organic Swaddle

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

In store - Moochic Baby Swaddles

New Moochic Baby Swaddles our now available on our website. We have beautiful dolphin, butterfly and penguin designs.

Each Moochic Baby product is hand crafted using block printing. These swaddles are single swaddles made from three layers of cotton muslin. Each swaddle is 40" x 40" making it perfect for swaddling your little one.

Moochic Baby Dolphin Swaddle. Shown in close up.
Moochic Baby Dolphin Swaddle

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sale on our Kirstie Allsopp Top Dog Bedding

Beautiful Kirstie Allsopp Bedding  is available at Willow and Me.

Our gorgeous Top Dog Bedding in our girls bedding range is currently on sale at £25 for the single duvet cover and £44 for the candy striped quilt.

My own nine year old daughter picked this girls bedding when her room was updated at the beginning of the year, so it has been fully tried and tested!

The patterns and colours of the dogs on this girls bedding, duvet cover and pillowcase are truly beautiful.

From a mums perspective, it not only looks gorgeous but washes and irons well. Thanks Kirstie!! See our full range of Kirstie Allsopp Bedding.

Kirstie Allsopp Top Dog Single Duvet Cover Set. Shown in a child's bedroom.
Kirstie Allsopp Top Dog Single Duvet Cover Set
We have teamed this bedding with various accessories, including our lovely Scottie Dog Felt Lights.

Kirstie Allsopp Bedding Top Dog Cushion. Shown in close up. 
Kirstie Allsopp Bedding Top Dog Cushion

Scottie Dog Felt Lights

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Olli Ella Nursery Bedding

Olli Ella Harlequin Dusk Cot/ Cot Bed Set. Shown in a nursery on a cot.
Olli Ella Harlequin Dusk Cot/ Cot Bed Set
Our new Olli Ella baby bedding is proving a popular choice with parents.

Handmade in the UK, using organic cotton. Their designs are wonderfully contemporary and would suit any modern nursery.

With stylish nursery bedding choices for both boys, girls and unisex prints to suit both.

Olli Ella Poppet Cot/ Cot Bed Set. Shown on a cot.
Olli Ella Poppet Cot/ Cot Bed Set

The new range from Olli Ella of Harlequin Dusk, features the 2013 nursery trend of the colour grey. If you would prefer to go with pinks or blues, the Posey and Poppet ranges are delightful with subtle pinks and blues mixed with darker accents.

The Harlequin Dawn range has subtle tones of musk, tangerine and pastel pinks and blues.

Along with the Harlequin Dusk nursery bedding, the Harlequin Dawn and Piccoli range make perfect unisex nursery bedding choices.

Each nursery cot/ cot bed set, comes with bumper, quilt and sheet. The individual cot bumpers are also available. All our products are delivered free in the UK.

Ella & Otto Baby / Travel Blankets

New Ella and Otto baby blankets, perfect for using in the pram, buggy, car seat or just at home.

Made from 100% soft printed cotton, the backing is a lovely soft fleece to keep them snug. These baby blankets all come in Ella & Otto's contemporary and stylish designs.

Our Ella & Otto baby blankets make a perfect baby gift!

Ella & Otto Baby/travel blankets. Shown hanging up.
Ella & Otto Baby/travel blankets