Saturday, 23 February 2013

Olli Ella Nursery Bedding

Olli Ella Harlequin Dusk Cot/ Cot Bed Set. Shown in a nursery on a cot.
Olli Ella Harlequin Dusk Cot/ Cot Bed Set
Our new Olli Ella baby bedding is proving a popular choice with parents.

Handmade in the UK, using organic cotton. Their designs are wonderfully contemporary and would suit any modern nursery.

With stylish nursery bedding choices for both boys, girls and unisex prints to suit both.

Olli Ella Poppet Cot/ Cot Bed Set. Shown on a cot.
Olli Ella Poppet Cot/ Cot Bed Set

The new range from Olli Ella of Harlequin Dusk, features the 2013 nursery trend of the colour grey. If you would prefer to go with pinks or blues, the Posey and Poppet ranges are delightful with subtle pinks and blues mixed with darker accents.

The Harlequin Dawn range has subtle tones of musk, tangerine and pastel pinks and blues.

Along with the Harlequin Dusk nursery bedding, the Harlequin Dawn and Piccoli range make perfect unisex nursery bedding choices.

Each nursery cot/ cot bed set, comes with bumper, quilt and sheet. The individual cot bumpers are also available. All our products are delivered free in the UK.

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