Sunday, 3 March 2013

Moochic Baby | Nursery bedding - In Store

We have new Moochic Baby Nursery Bedding in store!

Our Moochic Baby quilted cot blankets are made and filled with 100% soft cotton. These fibres give the quilted blankets their soft snuggly feel. Ideal for cosying down into at bedtime.

Each blanket has been hand printed using the traditional craft of hand block printing. This old craft is performed by some of the finest artisans in India. While the process is highly labour intensive, it produces exquisite designs onto the fabric.

A teak block is carved with a design. Several blocks for each are required if using different colours. Each colour is then printed by hand by the printer, across the fabric. This hand printing gives each baby cot blanket it's unique and vintage feel.

Moochic Baby Nursery Bedding - Blue Seahorse Quilted Blanket. Shown in close up.
Moochic Baby Nursery Bedding - Blue Seahorse Quilted Blanket

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