Thursday, 3 October 2013

Scandinavian Nursery Design Ideas

There is something about the simplicity and beauty of Scandinavian style that I simply adore.

This style encompasses several different designs. White walls and blue/grey textiles are one of the most distinctive modern designs that we associate with this style, but Scandinavians will also use colourful textiles in their homes to add both character and warmth.

White walls and light wooden floors reflect light back into a room, an all important aspect of Scandinavian style, as they experience such long dark winters. Using white walls in a nursery also creates a blank canvas to work from and makes a room adaptable as your child grows. Natural materials such as wood is highly favoured to create warmth and texture.

Mixing patterns, even stripes and florals is absolutely fine. Where Scandinavian style is concerned, forget matching items and go for individual pieces. Don't over clutter. Think less is more.

The beauty of using both modern and old furniture creates a simple style. Remember it's all about elegant lines but also a liveable, comfortable and functional style for your nursery. 

Take a peek at our selection of ideas below.

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